My name is Jonathan Posey and I specialize in the cleaning and conservation of antique typewriters, and other pre-1920s machines. Each machine varies in the time required to clean and conserve, and other concerns such as rust, mechanical issues, smoke damage, etc. 

As of 18th January 2022 current waiting list is about three months. 

You can Contact me using this link. I am happy to answer your questions, if I can. 

Some of the challenges with antique machines is often something as simple as a screw. Before the 1940s, screws were not standardized. Characteristics such as the width of threads, their pitch along the screw shaft, to even the screw driver needed varied considerably. Breaking one of these screws can likely mean that the machine will never working again. 

Regrettably we do not have repair or shop manuals for the vast majority of these machines that were  produced before 1920. Please, don’t try to take one of these apart or fix it yourself, contact us first. We’re happy to answer questions. 

Some models that I service: 

              • Blickensderfer
              • Bar Lock
              • Bennett
              • Chicago
              • Edison
              • Franklin
              • Hammond
              • Postal
              • Pittsburg
              • Williams